Pushing Through Productivity During Winter/Holidays

My to-do list app is telling me i am 3 days delayed in writing this post, but here I am! Better late than never, but one thing I know very well is that whenever you try and start new things, there is always a calibration period with how it jives with the rest of your schedule. And, if you can't hit your targets, you either have to modify the task so that you can be successful, or modify other things to accommodate the task.

Over the last week I was noticing some things that slowed me down. First, a vice: I am a sucker for organizational games. I somehow got suckered into one, and i was ADDICTED! Yeah, had no space in my life for it, so it killed just about every bit of my life for a few days. But it was FUN! So I didn't want to give it up... so this week I spent time trying to wean my quick addiction and get back on the wagon with all my other stuff. Needless to say that I didn't get much book stuff done, BUT!!!!!!

I did have my first official TAP (short for The Accomplishment Project, duh) interview! Super excited. Tim (the hubby) was subject #1. I'm trying to decide how I'm going to label all of these interviews. I did a video recording of the interview, and I plan to keep them all as documentation for possible future use, so that's exciting! This interview definitely helped me refine my questions, which I now have to update before my next interview on December 14th. 

Next to do's: line up more interviews, find a place to load the interview recordings, keep refining the interview questions. And continue to review my outline feedback.

Later December goals: writing preface between Christmas and New Year's, line up January interviews!

Until then....time to get back to work!


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