Kicking off 2023 like...

Happy New Year!!!

The body is an amazing thing...when you need rest, it definitely will tell you. And that's exactly what I did in the last few weeks since my last post. I doubled down on being lazy and not having a routine, and after getting over the initial guilt that typical A-type personalities have when they are resisting rest, it was much needed. I was able to come back last week with a vengeance and crush my goals....all except the one where I said I'd update this blog each Friday.

What ended up happening last Friday was that the fatigue of doing awesome all week was starting to settle in, and I also realized that one of my goals for last week was to get started on writing the Preface of the book (which you peek at my progress on it through THIS GOOGLE DOC), so I spent time working on that, but was on a roll that I spent all my energy on that instead. I thought that maybe I'd write over the weekend, but taking an easy Friday wasn't enough. So, this is information I need to reflect on as I move forward.

Looking ahead, we have a family ski trip this weekend from Friday to Monday, so I'm just gonna say it now that I'm not going to update the blog this Friday. I'll return back the following Friday, and my goal between now and when I post again is to complete the preface, and get some new interviews on the calendar. I kinda got lazy with interviews once the holidays hit; I wasn't even motivated to interview my family members, so I only have 6 interviews completed. I am hoping to get 3 on the calendar by my next update.

I'm also thinking I might want to do video blog updates for this to relieve myself from all the typing and writing, so be prepared for that from time to time. Maybe I'll test it out for next post. Maybe.

Time to get back to work!


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